The XIIth Colloquium Quantum groups and integrable systems

was held in Prague, June 12-14, 2003.
Proceedings were published in
Journal of Physics, Volume 53, Number 11, 2003

Published papers include:

ABŁAMOWICZ R., FAUSER B., PODLASKI K., REMBIELIŃSKI J.: Idempotents of Clifford algebras /949-954/,

AGOSTINI A.: Hopf-algebra description of noncommutative-spacetime symmetries /955-961/,

ARNAUDON D., CHAKRABARTI A., DOBREV V.K., MIHOV S.G.: On exotic bialgebras /963-969/,

BALEANU D.: Variational formulation of the Schrödinger field /971-976/,

BASU-MALLICK B., BHATTACHARYYA T.: Exact solvability and quantum integrability of a derivative nonlinear Schrödigner model /977-983/,

BŁASIAK P., HORZELA A.: Qantization of alternative Hamiltonians /985-991/,

BRIHAYE Y., HARTMANN B.: Quasi-exactly solvable (QES) equations with multiple algebraisations /993-998/,

CALICETI E.: PT-symmetry, canonical decomposition, perturbation theory /999-1005/,

CHABANOV V.M.: New theory of periodic systems by supersymmetric quantum mechanics on finite interval /1007-1013/,

CHADZITASKOS G., HOROWSKI M., ODZIJEWICZ A., TERESZKIEWICZ A.: The exact solution of the eigenvalue problem for the parametric down conversion process in the Kerr medium /1015-1020/,

CONSTANDACHE A., DAS A., POPOWICZ Z.: A Benney-like lattice /1021-1026/,

FEI S.-M.: Integrability and PT-symmetry of N-body systems with spin-coupling -interactions /1027-1033/,

FRYDRYSZAK A.M., TKACHUK V.M.: Aspects of pre-quantum description of deformed theories /1035-1040/,

GÖHMANN F., SEEL A.: A note on the Bethe ansatz solution of the supersymmetric t-J model /1041-1046/,

HAYSAK M., PUGA P., NAGY M., ONYSKO V.: Highlights and prospects of hyperspherical approach in few-body quantum-mechanical systems /1047-1052/,

KAPUŚCIK E., SZCZESZEK P.: Model-independent normalization condition for Gamow vectors /1053-1056/,

KAPUŚCIK E., WCISŁO D.: Invariant velocities for two-dimensional Minkowski space-time /1057-1059/,

LOPEZ VIEYRA J.C., TURBINER A.V.: Solvability of F4 quantum integrable systems /1061-1067/,

MILTON K.A.: PT-symmetric quantum field theory /1069-1072/,

MOLEV A.I.: A new quantum analog of the Brauer algebra /1073-1078/,

MOSTAFAZADEH A.: Is pseudo-Hermitian quantum mechanics an indefinite-metric quantum theory? /1079-1084/,

OBLEZIN S.: Discrete structure of some Schlesinger systems on the Riemann sphere /1085-1092/,

OKUBO S., KAMYIA N.: Composition triple systems and realization of triple products in terms of bilinear algebras /1093-1099/,

PAAL E.: Moufang loops and Lie algebras /1101-1104/,

RITTER W.G.: Dijkgraaf-Vafa matrix models and integrable systems /1105-1110/,

SASAKI R.: Quantum vs. classical integrability in Ruijsenaars-Schneider and Calogero-Moser systems /1111-1117/,

SKRYPNYK T.: Quasigraded Lie algebras and hierarchies of integrable equations /1119-1124/,

TAKAHASHI M.: Thermodynamics and correlation functions of XXZ chain /1125-1130/,

TAKEMURA K.: On the Inozemtsev model /1131-1136/,

WAGNER E.: Hilbert-space representations of a cross-product algebra related to the 3D-calculus on O(SUq(1,1)) /1137-1145/,

ZOTOV A.: Elliptic linear problem for Painlevé VI equation with spectral parameter /1147-1152/.

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