Name Abstract
Aguirre Alexis Generalizing type-II integrable defects
Ahmadov Azar Higher-Twist Mechanism and Inclusive Gluon Production in Pion-Proton Collisions
Algin Abdullah Deformed Gas of Tamm-Dancoff Type Boson Oscillators: Algebra and Thermodynamics
Alkalaev Konstantin Classical conformal blocks via AdS/CFT correspondence
Amari Yuki Quantized states of vortex in a CP^2 Skyrme-Faddeev type model
Andrzejewski Krzysztof Hamiltonian formalisms and symmetries of the Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator
Aniello Paolo Functions of Positive Type and Open Quantum Systems
Arai Masato Cotangent bundles over all the Hermitian symmetric spaces
Artamonov Semeon Noncommutative Inverse Scattering Method for the Kontsevich system
Avan Jean No talk
Babalic Nicoleta-Corina Bilinear supersymmetric Gardner equation and super-lump solutions
Batchelor Murray The interplay between quantum symmetry, integrability and solvability: the Rabi model
Beisert Niklas Smooth Wilson Loops in N = 4 Superspace and Yangian Symmetry
Bekaert Xavier 1-loop partition function of conformal higher spin theory
Belliard Samuel Modified algebraic Bethe ansatz
Bellucci Stefano FPS approach and the one-dimensional supersymmetric model
with PBGS
Bertrand Sébastien On the integrability of supersymmetric versions of the structural equations for conformally parametrized surfaces
Bialecki Mariusz Solvable Structures of Simple Model of Earthquakes
Bilge Ayse Humeyra On the uniquness of the octonionic instanton solution on conformally flat 8-manifolds
Blaschke Filip Dynamics of slender monopoles and anti-monopoles in non-Abelian superconductor
Bolonek-Lasoń Katarzyna Quantizing the classical non-cooperative symmetric games with arbitrary number of strategies
Bouaziz Djamil Deformed Heisenberg algebra with a minimal length: Application to some molecular potentials
Braden Harry On the Construction of Monopoles
Breev Alexander The symmetry of the Dirac equation in a uniform static magnetic field
Cao Junpeng Exact solution of high spin Heisenberg model with generic integrable boundaries
Casati paolo Hirota bilinear equations for non semisimple Lie algebras
Catto Sultan New rules for octonionic triplet and quadruplet multiplications and applications in high energy physics
Dabrowski Ludwik Towards quantum Borsuk-Ulam and Brouwer fixed point theorems
Davydov Evgeny Cosmology in Horndeski Gravity
de la Rosa Gomez Alejandro Yangian symmetry in the open Hubbard model
de Leeuw Marius One-point Functions in Defect CFT and Integrability
Deriglazov Alexei Worldline geometry probed by spinning particle
Derkachov Sergey From principal series to finite-dimensional solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
Dimakis Nikolaos Contact symmetries of constrained quadratic Lagrangians
Doikou Anastasia Scattering in twisted Yangians
Doliwa Adam Non-commutative Yang-Baxter maps
Du Jie Quantum linear supergroups and their canonical bases
El Deeb Omar
Gimeno Vicent “Counting symmetries of a quantum system via a geometric approach “
Gnatenko Khrystyna Physical systems in a space with noncommutativity of coordinates
Görbe Tamás F. Equivalence of two sets of deformed Calogero-Moser Hamiltonians
Gorska Katarzyna The fractional differential equation and Levy stable distribution
Gusev Alexander Metastable states of clusters tunneling through repulsive barriers
Hakobyan Manush Exact solvability of the Schrödinger and Klein-Gordon equations in terms of Heun class of functions
Hecht Reimar A Quantum Double for centrally extended sl(2|2)
Herrera Aguilar Alfredo Nonlinear anisotropic symmetries in conformal quantum mechanics and diffusion equation
Hnatic Michal No talk
Hoque Md Fazlul Family of N-dimensional superintegrable systems and quadratic algebra structures
Chicherin Dmitry Elliptic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
Chizhov Alexey Vibron properties in quasi 1D molecular structures: the case of two parallel unshifted macromolecuar chains
Ida Cristian Leafwise anti-Kahlerian metrics and Einstein equations
Isaev Alexey Idempotents for Birman–Murakami–Wenzl algebras and reflection equation
Ishkhanyan Artur Exact solvability of the Schrödinger and Klein-Gordon equations in terms of Heun class of functions
Ishkhanyan Tigran Series expansions of the solutions of the Heun equations in terms of confluent, ordinary and generalized hypergeometric functions
Ivanov Evgeny $SU(2|1)$ Supersymmetric Mechanics
Jadczyk Arkadiusz Random walk on quantum blobs
Jakubczyk Paweł Entanglement of magnons in the Heisenberg ring
Jakubczyk Dorota Some results in the one-dimensional attractive Hubbard model.
Jakubsky Vit Spectrally isomorphic Dirac systems: graphene in electromagnetic field
Kameyama Takashi Minimal surfaces in $q$-deformed AdS$_5 times $S$^5$
Kassandrov Vladimir Quaternion Analyticity, Twistor Structures and Conservative Multi-Particle Dynamics
Kirschner Roland Yang-Baxter relations with orthogonal and symplectic symmetries
Kiselev Arthemy Deformation quantisation of fields
Krivonos Sergey D-branes within coset approach
Labuz Miroslaw A test for Bethe Ansatz solution of XXX model for magnetic heptagonal ring
Lee Jen-Chi Biquaternion Construction of Non-Compact SL(2,C) Yang-Mills Instantons
Liverts Evgeny
Lukierski Jerzy Real and pseudoreal forms of D=4 Euclidean (super)algebras and classical r-matrices.
Matsui Chihiro Multi-state extension of the asymmetric simple exclusion processes
Matsumoto Takuya Deformations of $T^{1,1}$ as Yang-Baxter sigma models
Mattelliano Massimo no talk
McLoughlin Tristan Integrable Form Factors and AdS/CFT
Megias Eugenio A holographic realization of light dilatons
Melas Evangelos First results on the representation theory of the Ultrahyperbolic BMS group UHB(2,2)
Meneses-Torres Claudio Abelianization of Fuchsian systems and the volumes of moduli spaces of parabolic bundles in genus 0
Mignemi Salvatore no talk
Miyanishi Yoshihisa Notes on Feynman path integral-like methods of quantization on Riemannian manifolds
Mizrahi Eti Classification of evolution equations with trivial and nontrivial $rho^{(3)}$:An Application of “Level Grading”
Molev Alexander Higher Sugawara operators
Natanzon Sergey Symmetric solutions of the dispersionless 2D Toda hierarchy, Hurwitz numbers and conformal dynamics.
Nazmitdinov Rashid Symmetry effects in mesoscopic systems
Nepomechie Rafael Counting solutions of Bethe’s equations
Nirov Khazret Quantum affine algebras and functional relations
Nishino Akinori Exact scattering eigenstates for double quantum-dot systems
Nistico Giuseppe group theoretical approach to quantum interaction
Ó Buachalla Réamonn The Noncommutative K”ahler Geometry of the Quantum Grassmannians and $q$-Deformed Schubert Calculus
Ould Moustapha Mohamed Vall The 2d Liouville and the Morse Potentials
Panella Orlando Quantum phase transitions in the non commutative Dirac Oscillator
Petkova Valentina 3-point functions in Toda CFT and related braiding matrix
Piatek Marcin 2d CFT/Gauge/Bethe correspondence and solvable quantum-mechanical systems
Pietrykowski Artur Irregular blocks, $mathcal{N}=2$ gauge theory and Mathieu system
Pimenta Rodrigo Modified algebraic Bethe Ansatz for the XXX Heisenberg chain on the segnent:towards scalar product.
Poletaeva Elena On Yangians and Finite W-algebras
Polyakov Dimitri Solutions in Bosonic String Field Theory and AdS Higher Spin
Ponomarev Dmitry Towards holographic higher-spin interactions
Prolhac Sylvain Current fluctuations for totally asymmetric exclusion on the relaxation scale
Pupasov-Maksimov Andrey Analytical simulations of double-well, triple-well and multi-well dynamics via rationally extended Harmonic oscillators
Ragnisco Orlando Taub-Nut and Darboux III systems revised: the behaviour beyond the singularity
Sadurní Emerson Ergodic f-oscillators and their fractal structure
Sakamoto Jun-ichi Yang-Baxter deformations of Minkowski spacetime
Salom Igor Three-particle hyper-spherical harmonics and quark bound
Samsarov Andjelo Twist deformations leading to kappa-Poincare Hopf algebra and their application to physics
Sawado Nobuyuki Solutions in the CP^N Skyrme-Faddeev type model
Sergyeyev Artur New hierarchies of (3+1)-dimensional integrable systems related to contact geometry
Shalaby Abouzeid Interesting Quantum-Field-Like Properties from Relativistic Schrodinger Equation with contact interaction
Shapovalov Alexander Symmetry operators of the two-component Gross-Pitaevskii equation with a Manakov-type nonlocal nonlinearity
Simulik Volodimir Link between the relativistic canonical quantum mechanics of arbitrary spon and the corresponding field theory
Sitenko Yurii Self-adjointness and the Casimir effect with charged massive matter fields
Skvortsov Evgeny Higher-spin theories in various dimensions
Slavnov Nikita Form factors of local operators in GL(3)-invariant integrable models
Spano Nathaly Fusing Defect for N=2 Supersymmetric sinh-Gordon model
Stagraczyński Ryszard An explicit demonstration of integrability of the XXX model for pentagonal and hexagonal magnetic ring
Strung Karen Classification of C*algebras
Tarasov Vitaly On completeness of the Bethe ansatz for the XXX model
Tepper David M. Riesz and A. Kolmogorov Theorems for Octonion-Valued Monogenic Fundtions
Tseytlin Arkady Partition functions, higher spins and AdS/CFT
Tudoran Razvan Micu Control and stability of periodic orbits of completely integrable systems
Vala Jiri Topological phases in quantum lattice models
Vassilevich Dmitri Spectral action at high energies
Visinescu Mihai Hidden symmetries on toric Sasaki-Einstein spaces
Vitiello Giuseppe Fractal self-similarity. From geometric structures to dynamical coherent dynamics
Wagner Elmar Dirac operators on quantum spaces in local coordinates
Werner Wend K-Theory and the Classification of Symmetric Spaces
Yahagi Ryoko Finite-temperature behavior of an impurity in the spin-1/2 XXZ chain
Yahalom Asher Topological Constants of Motion in Barotropic Fluid dynamics and ‎Magnetohydrodynamics
Yang Wenli Exact solutions of quantum integrable spin chain with various boundary conditions
Yesmakhanova Kuralay Bright and dark positon solutions of the 1+1 – dimensional Hirota and the Maxwell-Bloch equations
Yoshida Kentaroh Towards the gravity/CYBE correspondence
Yupeng Wang Off-diagonal Bethe Ansatz and its applications
Zakharov Dmitry Non-periodic one-gap solutions of the KdV equation
Zhang Dajun Discrete Boussinesq-type equations
Zhang MengXia No talk
Zheltukhin Kostyantyn On existance of x-integral for a semi-discrete chains of hyperbolic type
Zheng-Johansson A microscopic theory of the neutron

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