Name Abstract
Addabbo Darlayne Q-systems and generalizations in representations theory
Ahmadov Azar Neutralino Pair Production at the International Linear Collider
Aminov Gleb Seiberg-Witten curves and double-elliptic integrable systems
Ananikian Nerses Magnetization Plateaus and Thermal Entanglement of Spin Systems
Aniello Paolo Dynamical Semigroups and Evolution of Quantum Entropies
Baditoiu Gabriel Lax Pair Equations and Connes-Kreimer Renormalization
Beketov Maxim Quantum-classical duality betwee the Ruijsenaars-Schneider model and the quantum twisted spin chain: the trigonometric/anisotropic case and beyond
Bilge Ayse Humeyra Self-duality in higher dimensions
Blasco-Sanz Alfonso Integrable deformations of the Rössler and Lorenz systems: A Poisson-Lie approach
Bolonek-Lason Katarzyna Mixed Nash equilibria in Eisert-Lewenstein-Wilkens (ELW) games
Borowiec Andrzej Explicit quantizations of $U(o(4;C))$ and its real forms
Bulyzhenkov Igor Self- quantization of the extended electron reveals the minimal closed path – electric analog of the Compton length
Cao Junpeng Bethe states of quantum integrable models solved via the off-diagonal Bethe Ansatz
Carrasco Blanco Jose Antonio Generalized isotropic Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick models: ground state entanglement and quantum entropies
Catto Sultan Superstring symmetries based on extended E_8 model
Chowdhury Syed Deformation quantisation of Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics
Claeys Pieter Read-Green resonances in an integrable superconductors coupled to bath
Correa Francisco Spherical Calogero model with oscillator/Coulomb potencial : quantum case
da Rocha Roldao New spinor fields classes and aplications
Daboul Jamil Generalized pseudo-diffusion equation and contractions of its symmetry algebra
Dahm Rolf On a Microscopic Representation of Space-Time V
Davidovic Ljubica T-dualizations of a weakly curved backgroud
Dobrev Vladimir Positive Energy Unitary Irreducible Representations of the Superalgebras osp(1|2n,R)
Fedoruk Sergey Bi-HKT and quasicomplex bi-Kaehler geometries in N=4 sigma models
Frydryszak Andrzej On qutrit geometric discord
Fuksa Jan Yangians and R-operators of Orthosymplectic Supergroup
Gahramonov Ilmar Basic hypergeometry of supersymmetric dualities
Galajinski Anton Ricci-flat spacetimes with l-conformal Galilei symmetry
Giacomeli Simone T-brannes trough 3d mirror symmetry
Gieres Francois On the Hamiltonians generators of space time tranlations in gauge theories
Gresnigt Niels High precision Baryon mass sum rules from quantum group SUq(3) baryon flavor symmetry
Gusev Alexander Calculation of Irreducible Rotor Bases of Point Groups in the Space of SO(3) Group
Hagendorf Christian The spin/one XXZ chain and symmetry classes of alternating sign matrices.
Hegedus Arpad Strong coupling results in the planar AdS/CFT4 corespondence from the numerical solution of the Quantum Spectral Curve equations
Herranz Francisco J. Poisson twisted $\kappa$-(Anti)-de Sitter algebras in (3+1) dimensions
Ilin Aleksei Degeneration of Bethe subalgebras in the Yangian
Ip Ivan Split Real Quantum Groups
Isaev Alexey Representations of Birman–Murakami–Wenzl algebra and reflection equation
Ishkhanyan Artur Solutions of the Schrödinger equation in terms of the Heun functions
Ivanov Evgeny Off-shell and on-shell harmonic superspace for 6d SYM theories
Jakubsky Vit Nondispoersive wave packets in Dirac materials
Jizba Petr A new class of entropy-power-based uncertainty relations
Karakhanyan David L-operators for orthogonal and symplectic groups
Khoroshkin Sergey Representations of Yangians and rational Cherednik algebras and Zhelobenko operators.
Kirshner Roland Orthogonal and symplectic Yangians
Kiselev Arthemy Do the Kontsevich tetrahedral flows preserve or destroy the space of Poisson bi-vectors?
Kozyrev Nikolay N=4, d=3 Born-Infeld theory in component approach
Kresic Juric Sasa Realizations of Lie algebras, left-right duality, and differential forms on noncommutative spaces
Krivonos Sergey Minimal realization of l-conformal Galilei algebra, Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillators and their deformation
Kurov Aleksandr Superintegrable systems on Poisson manifolds
Kuru Sengul Resonance and antibound states for Pöschl-Teller potentials and supersymmetric partners
Kus Marek An algebraic approach to nonintegrability of quantum systems
Kyono Hideki Supercoset construction of Yang-Baxter deformed AdS^5×S_5 backgrounds
Lai Sheng-Hong Yang-Mills Instanton Sheaves
Latini Emanuele Quantum conformal and Minkowski Superspace
Lechtenfeld Olaf The tetrahexahedric angular Calogero model
Lei Ci Analytic representation with theta function describing finite quantum systems
Lukierski Jerzy Kappa-deformations of relativistic symmetries – after 25 years
Megias Eugenio Anomalous transport: massive gravity theories and Weyl semi-metals
Meglouli Hocine Reliability Analysis of Breaker Arrangements in Distribution substations
Minic Djordje Modular Space-time and Metastring Theory
Muller-Hoissen Folkert Generalized Volterra lattices in bidifferential calculus: Binary Darboux transformations and self-consistent sources
Negro Javier Matrix shape invariance of Hamiltonians for integrable systems in magnetic fields
Nian Jun Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation, 2D N=(2, 2) Topological Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory and Their Gravity Dual
Novak Joseph Invariants for N=(1,0) conformal supergravity in six dimensions
Nugmannova Gulgassyl Hirotas method for a spin model with self-consistend potencials
Ogievetsky Oleg Rings of h-differential operators
Ohkubo Yusuke Generalized Jack and Macdonald polynomials arising from AGT conjecture
Panfil Milosz Quench dynamics in two-dimensional integrable SUSY models
Pavlov Alexander Mixmaster model is associated to Borcherds algebra
Ragnisco Orlando Superintegrable models on curved spaces: an updated review
Ragoucy Eric Integrability in out-of-equilibrium systems
Rajhans Juhi Dynamical Symmetry of the Zwanziger problem in non-commutative quantum mechanics
Reshetikhin Nicolay TBA
Rouleux Michel Quantum vorticity at positive temperature for spin systems with continuous symmetry
Saksida Pavle On nonlinear Fourier transform and nonlinear superposition
Samsarov Andjelo TBA
Sheftel Mikhail Recursion operators and bi-Hamiltonian representations of the general heavenly equation
Sidorov Stepan Long multiplets in supersymmetric mechanics
Slavnov Nikita Form factors in the gl(2|1) based models
Sleptsov Alexey Quantum invariants of knots and 6-j symbols
Smaldone Luca Functionals integrals and inequivalent representations
Smotlacha Jan Electronic properties of defected zigzag nanoribbons with reconstructed edges in the uniform magnetic field
Sozonov Aleksei On auto and hetero Backlund transformation for the Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Sternheimer Daniel The reasonable effectiveness of mathematical deformation theory in physics,
especially quantum mechanics and maybe elementary particle symmetries
Sutulin Anton Deformation of l-conformal Galilei algebra
Szabo Zoltan Ordinary matter, dark matter, and dark energy on the normal Zeeman space-time
Tarasov Vitaly On $(gl_k,gl_n)$ duality for the Gaudin model and the bispectral duality
Tolstoy Valeriy Classifications of quantum deformations for the complex D=4 homogeneous Lie symmetry and its real forms: Euclidian, Lorentzian, Kleinian and Quaternionic
Toth Gabor Zsolt Exact mass-coupling relation of the simplest multi-scale quantum integrable model
Turhan Refik Two-component integrable generalizations of Burges equations with nondiagonal linearity
van Tongeren Stijn Yang-Baxter deformations of superstring sigma models
Veliev Oktay On the Fermi Surfaces of the Multidimensional Periodic Schrödinger Operator
Visinescu Mihai Action-angle variables for geodesic motions in toric Sasaki–Einstein spaces
Waldron Andrew Renormalized Volume
Wang Yupeng On the high- spin integrable quantum gase model
Yamauchi Hiroshi Conway-Miyamoto correspondences for Fischer 3-transposition groups
Yang Yi String scattering amplitudes and symmetries in string theory
Yazici Devrim Two different bi-Hamiltonian structures for the first heavenly equation of Plebanski
Yesmakhanova Kuralay Lax representation and solutions of the two-component complex modified Korteweg-de Vries and Maxwell-Bloch system of equations
Zusmanovich Pasha Cohomology of tensor products