Name Article
Aniello Paolo Functions of positive type on phase space, between classical and quantum, and beyond B
Andrzejewski Krzystof Symmetries of the Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator on the Hamiltonian level O
Arai Masato Cotangent bundles over all the Hermitian symmetric spaces B
Bertrand Sébastien On the integrability of supersymmetric versions of the structural equations for conformally parametrized surfaces O
Bialecki Mariusz Solvable structures of a simple model of earthquakes O
Bilge A On the uniqueness of the octonionic instanton solution on conformally at 8-manifolds B
Blaschke Filip Low energy dynamics of slender monopoles in non-Abelian superconductor O
Bolonek-Lasoń Katarzyna Quantizing the classical non-cooperative symmetric games with arbitrary number of strategies O
Breev Filip The Dirac equation in an external electromagnetic field: symmetry algebra and exact integration O
Chizhov Alexander Vibron properties in quasi 1D molecular structures: the case of two parallel unshifted macromolecuar chains B
Deriglazov Hamiltonian action of spinning particle with gravimagnetic moment B
Dimakis Nikolaos Contact symmetries of constrained quadratic Lagrangians B
Doikou Anastasia Scattering in Twisted Yangians B
Hoque Fozlul Family of N-dimensional superintegrable systems and quadratic algebra structures O
Gnatenko Physical systems in a space with noncommutativity of coordinates B
Ida Cristian On complex Riemannian foliations O
Kameyama Takashi Minimal surfaces in q-deformed AdS5S5 B
Kirschner Roland Yang-Baxter relations with orthogonal or symplectic symmetry B
Kiselev Arthemy The right-hand side of the Jacobi identity:to be naught or not to be ? B
Lee Jen-Chin Biquaternion Construction of SL(2,C) Yang-Mills Instantons B
Matsumoto Tekuya Towards the gravity/CYBE correspondence beyond integrability { Yang-Baxter deformations of{TT;1} B
Natanzon Sergey On the group theoretical approach to the Quantum Theory of an interacting spin-0 particle B
Nishino Akinori Exact scattering eigenstates in double quantum-dot systems with an interdot Coulomb interaction B
Nistico Guiseppe On the group theoretical approach to the Quantum Theory of an interacting spin-0 particle B
Piatek M 2d CFT/Gauge/Bethe correspondence and solvable quantum{mechanical systems O
Pupasov-Maximov Andrey Analytical simulations of double-well, triple-well and multi-well dynamics via rationally extended Harmonic oscillator B
Ragnisco Orlando The classical Darboux III oscillator: factorization,Spectrum Generating Algebra and solution to the equations of motion B
Salom Igor Three-particle hyper-spherical harmonics and quark bound states

Samsarov Andjelo Twist deformations leading to _-Poincar_e Hopf algebra and their application to physics O
Sawado Nobuyuki Solutions in the CPN Skyrme type model B
Shapovalov Alexander Symmetry operators of the two-component Gross-Pitaevskii equation with a Manakov-type nonlocal nonlinearity O
Simulik Volodimir Link between the relativistic canonical quantum mechanics of arbitrary spin and the corresponding field theory O
Sitenko Yurii Self-adjointness and the Casimir effect with charged massive matter fields O
Spano Natys Fusing defect for the N = 2 super sinh-Gordon model O
Tepper David M. Riesz and A. Kolmogorov Theorems for Octonion-Valued Monogenic Fundtions O
Vitiello Giuseppe Geometric structures, fractal self-similarity, squeezed coherent states and electrodynamics O
Visinescu Mihai Complete integrability of geodesics in toric Sasaki-Einstein spaces O
Wagner Elmar Representations of quantum SU(2) operators on a local chart O
Vassilevich Dmitri Can Spectral Action be a Window to Very High Energies? O
Yahagi Ryoko Crossover temperature of the spin-1/2 XXZ chain with an impurity B
Yoshida Takuya Towards the gravity/CYBE equation B
Zheltukhin Kostyantyn On existance of x-integral for a semi-discrete chains of hyperbolic type O
Zheng-Johansson A Microscopic Theory of the Neutron O

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