How to get there

Use public transport, it’s cheaper and more funny. Right at the airport (from the newsstands or special red public transport information kiosks) you can buy 30 min (CZK 24 ≐ EUR 0.93), 90 min (CZK 32 ≐ EUR 1.24), 1 day (CZK 110 ≐ EUR 4.25) or 3 days (CZK 310 ≐ EUR 11.97) tickets. These must be valiated upon first entry to bus/tram/metro/train/funicular (and then you can change freely).

You can also download SEJF app to your smartphone, charge it with some money and then buy quickly and easily public transport tickets you need.

If you plan to use taxi, use officially supported services only, such as AAA radio taxi (+420 222 333 222, +420 221 102 211) or 111 Radiocab (+420 220 113 892, +420 220 117 078). AAA Radio taxi offers special discount coupouns for travelling from the center of Prague to the airport, but you must request this discount already during reservation by phone. Then you can travel for CZK 14.90 per km (you can download the coupon here). When doing a reservation by phone, you can always try to request “the price CZK 14.90 per km” and, if available, special AAA car operating at these prices will be sent to you.

When travelling from the airport using Radiocab, you get 20% discount on the way back.

Price estimations are

Airport – Merlin hotel CZK 490
Airport – Novoměstský hotel CZK 490

If you paid more, you were probably cheated. Always ask for the receipt and check that taximeter is on and properly running.

From airport to Merlin hotel

Bus 100 (direction “Zličín”) to “Zličín”, then change to metro B and go to “Karlovo náměstí”. After you get out, use exit to Palackeho namesti and find Gorazdova street. Hotel is located at Gorazdova 22.

From airport to Novoměstský hotel

Bus 100 (direction “Zličín”) to “Zličín”, then change to metro B and go to “Karlovo náměstí”. After you get out, use exit E3, go through the park keeping the direction, cross the street and find Řeznická street. Hotel is located at Řeznická 4.

Conference site

Břehová 7 is few steps from “Staroměstská” station (metro A).

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